About TBT Engineering

Commitment to Health & Safety

At TBT Engineering, we pride ourselves on fostering a health and safety culture.

The culture begins with Senior Management, who lead by example. They demonstrate on a daily basis their commitment to health and safety and provide clear direction; thereby ensuring our employees realize the importance of this issue.

We ensure all of our employees are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to perform their job safely. Because of this training, employees are held accountable for their actions at all times.

We have a health and safety committee comprised of staff and management representatives that plan and review company performance. They also help solve any health or safety related issue, and are always coordinating with our sub-contractors and clients to ensure everyone works safely at all times.

We continue to learn from our experiences, and engage in a plethora of audit and review processes in order to find ways to improve our health and safety performance and management skills.

Our health and safety policies influence all of our activities, from how we design a project, to how we manage the construction of that project, even how we select the people, equipment and materials that will be used to create it!

The following phrase becomes a part of our employee’s vocabulary right from day one, in corporate orientation. We feel it accurately summarizes how we feel about health and safety in our workplace:

"No job is so important that we cannot take time to do it safely."

Hard hat on rocks

The Community

TBT Engineering is proud to be an active community partner, making a positive difference in the lives of people and families where we do business. A stronger, healthier and happier community is something that benefits all of us! We look forward to continuing our active role in many community projects and initiatives.

Here are some of the organizations we are working with:

Roots to Harvest
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Soccer Northwest
The Salvation Army
Our Kids Count
Little Native Hockey League
Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay
Children's Centre Thunder Bay
City of Thunder Bay – Spring Up to Clean Up