Meet the Team

Rob Frenette, P. Eng.

Rob has 25+ years of experience in civil engineering from planning through to contract administration. Rob has a strong background in total project management, construction and road design, surveying, environmental and materials engineering. As President / Owner of TBT Engineering Limited, Rob is directly responsible for all corporate management of technical and business operations. He has over 20 years experience in business ownership providing quality assurance testing, project management, site inspections and various other engineering services. Rob is an ACI Certified Examiner, a certified RMCAO Concrete Plant Inspector, an experienced QA/QC Administrator, an experienced highway and construction engineer, a past sessional lecturer at Lakehead University, and a member of ASQ and CSCE. Prior to purchasing TBT in 1995, Rob worked 10 years at MTO NWR Planning and Design Section (Senior Project Engineer) and MTO NWR Construction Section (Project Supervisor) in the Northwestern Region.

Liana Frenette, BA, BEd
Chief Executive Officer

Liana has over 20 years of experience in business management and ownership.  She is directly responsible for overall management of business operations. In addition to directly supervising the daily work of engineers, technicians, administrative and field staff, she is also responsible for coordinating and auditing work projects and ensuring that objectives and deadlines are met. Liana is responsible for all community relations and business development initiatives and oversees the creation and operation of all company policy, employee benefits, workplace rules and procedures, safe operating procedures, as well as health and safety policies and programs.

Scott Peterson, P. Geo.
Vice President

As Vice President of Engineering at TBTE, Scott is responsible for providing technical and project management services for many of TBT Engineering’s divisions. Scott is also Manager of Geological and Pavement Engineering at TBTE and has more than 13 years experience in various aspects of geotechnical, geological, and environmental engineering. He specializes in geotechnical & geological investigations and design studies, environmental & hydrogeological investigations and assessments, pavement structure evaluation and rehabilitation investigations and design reports, aggregate and quarry source studies, and wastewater management solutions.

Doug Otto, C.E.T.
Vice President

As Vice President of Technical Services at TBTE, Doug is responsible for providing technical and project management services for many of TBT Engineering’s divisions. Doug is also Manager of Drilling Services at TBT Engineering and has 20 years experience providing field-testing and inspection services including concrete, granular, pipe installation, rebar and grout ensuring completeness and accuracy, compliance to industry and government standards and corporate administration procedures. He has extensive experience as a road supervisor responsible for construction and maintenance of winter-road projects.

Doug Steele, M.Sc.
Manager – Environmental Services

Doug has more than 25 years of experience in the environmental field.  The experience has been gained through working on a wide diversity of opportunities across varying regions.  Projects have seen Doug drilling for DNAPLs in the Bow River Valley, e-fishing in wetlands surrounding a nuclear facility, augering into glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island and even testing soil conductivity in the rugged terrain in the Western Ghats of India.   Field time is now somewhat limited with the majority of Doug’s work time spent applying his experience to the active management of TBTE’s environmental assignments such as contaminant investigations, radon gas evaluations, baseline investigations, solid waste studies, terrestrial and aquatic assessments, monitoring programs, Designated Substance Studies, peer reviews and regulatory approvals.

Chris Zappe, C.Tech.
Manager – Surveys & Plans

Chris has 15 years of experience in surveys and plans development though-out North-western Ontario. He has assisted with completion of design projects involving roads, bridges, tailings dams, river dredging operations, aggregate resource plans, environmental monitoring plans, subdivisions, base maps, route studies and planning studies. He is experienced in cost estimation and quantity surveying and also assists in construction site inspection and supervision.

Tim Fummerton, C.E.T.
Manager - Lab & Material Testing

Tim has 30+ years experience as a laboratory technician performing testing of asphalt cements, asphalt mix designs, concrete mix designs, granular and soils samples, relative density and compressive strength. He is one of the most experienced laboratory managers in the province of Ontario. Tim’s management leads directly to client’s ability to rely on TBT Engineering’s laboratory results being complete, timely and accurate.

Gord Maki, P. Eng.

Gord is a senior engineer with high analytical capacity and 20+ years experience providing geotechnical/foundations design, construction supervision and inspection services for a wide variety of clients. Gord specializes in analysis and design for industrial, commercial and residential structures, bridges, embankments, slopes, dams, retaining walls, pavements and landfills. The majority of his experience is within the highly variable and often complex ground conditions found within Northwestern Ontario and includes projects within the government, industrial, mining and commercial sectors.

Gary Thoms, P. Eng.
Manager – Transportation Engineering

Gary Thoms oversees the Highway Engineering division He has 16 years experience with highway engineering, traffic engineering, pavement engineering and material testing. Gary is responsible for the development of contract packages including performing reviews, developing design correspondence, performing evaluations, developing recommendations, contract specifications, quantity calculations, drainage designs and project management including scheduling and cost control.

Jamie Clements, C.Tech.
Manager - Fleet; Assistant Manager - Drilling

Jamie has developed expertise in the performance and coordination of field testing and inspection in accordance with project specifications and requirements.  He has gained experience providing assistance to drillers for geotechnical investigations as well as completing technical duties including highway investigation, soils sampling and identification, and asphalt coring.  Currently, Jamie is in charge of developing, implementing and monitoring the current maintenance and repair programs for TBT Engineering’s growing fleet of light and heavy commercial vehicles.  Jamie identifies current and future maintenance requirements, determines work priorities and schedules repairs, maintenance, and installation of equipment/new parts.

Ernie Krause, C.E.T.
Manager – Field Services

Ernie is an OACETT Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) in Ontario and has 20+ years experience in providing field/laboratory testing and inspection services. Ernie’s areas of expertise include routine and specialized Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) testing and inspection of concrete, granular, and asphalt materials, reinforcing steel, grout/mortar testing. He develops, coordinates, and enforces policies, procedures and compliance to relevant design specifications, criteria, government standards and health & safety requirements. He is involved in various corporate administrative procedures and development. He provides training and mentoring of new and existing staff.

Dave McCallum
Manager - CAD Services

Dave McCallum has over 42 years of experience related to Surveying & Plans Preparation, including 16 years as Senior Systems Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Dave is skilled in using AutoCAD (all versions), Land Development Desktop, ArcGIS and other drafting software to process plans in accordance with project requirements. As Manager of TBT Engineering’s CAD Services Division, Dave is responsible for overseeing the creation of accurate engineering plans, profiles, and cross-sections derived from field data in both digital and manual formats in accordance with project requirements and specifications.

Julie Shipston
Manager - Business

Julie has over 10 years of experience in Business Administration, including Human Resources and coordinating Health and Safety. Outside the role of Business Manager, she has over 25 years of experience as a laboratory technician performing specialized testing relating to bituminous materials, asphalt and concrete mixes, soils and aggregates. These experiences have allowed Julie to acquire a knowledge of testing techniques, procedures and proper applications, and an awareness of workplace Health and Safety practices.  As Business Manager of TBT Engineering, Julie is responsible for overseeing the review, administration, auditing, and implementation of all company policies, procedures, functions, health and safety, and activities of TBT Engineering for all phases within established long and short range objectives. Julie also plays a key role in the development of Human Resources, as well as other policies and programs for the entire company.

Eric Mickelson, P.Eng
Manager - Structural Engineering
Franco Gorenszach, P.Eng

Franco is a Senior Electrical Project Engineer and Manager of the Electrical Department with strong managerial skills and extensive experience with manufacturing, commercial and institutional projects.  Franco specializes in high voltage installations, electrical system design for buildings and sites including power distribution, interior and exterior lighting, motor controls, fire alarm, emergency/standby generation, security access/CCTV, communications systems and photovoltaic systems.  Franco has also achieved energy savings for a variety of private and public sector clients by conducting renewable energy business cases, photovoltaic studies, energy audits and general lighting and electrical upgrades to meet customer savings goals.

Dave Shalley, P.Eng
Mika Vanhapelto

Mika is a senior project manager with 30 years experience in the Mechanical engineering field providing engineering design, condition assessments, construction supervision and inspection services for a wide variety of clients. Mika has completed designs for industrial, commercial and First Nations clients throughout Northwestern Ontario. The majority of his experience has been based in the industrial sector serving pulp & paper, sawmills and mining. Mika has also worked extensively with First Nations and Tribal Councils on infrastructure projects in many of the remote communities in northern Ontario.

Peter de Haan, O.L.S.

The Community

TBT Engineering is proud to be an active community partner, making a positive difference in the lives of people and families where we do business. A stronger, healthier and happier community is something that benefits all of us! We look forward to continuing our active role in many community projects and initiatives.

Here are some of the organizations we are working with:

United Way of Thunder Bay
City of Thunder Bay – Spring Up to Clean Up
Children’s Aid Society
United Way of Thunder Bay
City of Thunder Bay – Spring Up to Clean Up
Children’s Aid Society