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COVID-19 Protocols

Covid-19 Protocols – UPDATE

TBT Engineering Limited acknowledges growing concerns over the spread of Corona Virus and the associated Covid-19 disease.

To reduce exposure, we are limiting all non-essential visitors to our facilities and request our clients, colleagues, service providers and the public contact us by electronic methods for the foreseeable future.

Delivery of material samples and parcels will be limited to a dedicated location at 274 Kingston Street where sanitation arrangements and PPE for safe receipt and handling of samples have been provided.

Delivery of mail will be limited to dedicated, sanitary containers at our offices at 274 Kingston Street, 15 Quebec Street, 1918 Yonge Street in Thunder Bay and at 255 Scott Street in Fort Frances.

We are adopting alternate work arrangements for employees to allow for work from home as much as possible as well as defined shift assignments to reduce staff numbers present at work at any one time.

We have increased sanitation procedures of all hard surfaces and touch points and are limiting common areas to reduce potential for non-contact transmission.

We continue to encourage all staff to limit inter-personal contact and maintain appropriate hygiene procedures, in particular – regular and effective hand washing.

We will continue to monitor the evolving situation and as additional measures are introduced by Government we will comply fully with any and all recommendations and requirements.

If there are any questions regarding TBTE’s Protocols, please contact the undersigned at T: 807-626-6639 or email at rfrenette@tbte.ca

Yours truly,
Rob Frenette, P. Eng. President, TBT Engineering