City of Thunder Bay 34km Recreational Trail Rehabilitation


In 2010, TBT Engineering provided professional engineering consulting services for 34 kilometres of recreational trail design and contract administration for the City of Thunder Bay.

The following is a summary of tasks that were completed by TBT Engineering in order to perform the work required for the Recreation Trail Rehabilitation Project:

  • TBT Engineering began by reviewing general trail requirements such as width, grades, clear zone requirements, and accessibility issues. Specific design criteria utilizing the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities was generated. Visual condition assessments of current asphalt surface conditions on specified portions of the trails system where then carried out.
  • TBT Engineering generated a horizontal alignment based on existing conditions, the accessed issues, vertical grades, drainage considerations, aesthetics and general trail objectives. Final alignments, typical cross sections, and plans where also generated.

  • TBT Engineering provided recommendations for geotechnical investigation programs and detailed design for areas which, in the opinion of the consultant, exhibited evidence of degradation resulting from poor subsurface or other conditions. A profile survey of all trails proposed for rehabilitation including relative elevations and calculations of maximum slope was then completed. TBT Engineering assessed sufficient trail right of way information for the adequacy of existing drainage including position of culverts.

  • Engineering, investigation, survey and design preparation for any identified trail expansions / modifications where provided. TBT Engineering undertook preparation of design drawings, specifications, and other materials required to tender the proposed works, and completed tender administration services including advertising, review and recommendation for award of contract.

  • TBT Engineering provided Total Project Management activities including project integration, scope and time management, scheduling, budget control, quality control, human resource activities, and risk management necessary to ensure the completion of all activities related to the scope of work.

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