Fort William First Nations – Solar Electricity Generation Project, ESA Phase I & II



TBT Engineering was retained by SkyPower Limited to conduct a preliminary environmental screening for a proposed solar electrical generation site on Fort William First Nation.  The objective or plan was to screen the site against criteria found in the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) publication (2001) entitled ‘Guide to Environmental Assessment Requirements for Electricity Projects’.  Potential impacts on natural values that might occur as a result of development were reviewed.

TBT Engineering’s Role

Preliminary Environmental Screening

Screening criteria that TBTE used included surface and ground, air and noise, heritage and culture, water, land, natural environment, resources, socio-economic, and Aboriginal concerns. TBT Engineering was to conduct a Limited Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I/II ESA).  The purpose of the limited Phase I ESA portion of the project was to review historical information for the site and surrounding properties for evidence of potential contamination while the purpose of the Phase II ESA portion was to assess subsurface conditions (i.e., soil and groundwater) for the presence/absence of suspect contaminants at discrete locations across the site.  Target parameters were selected to investigate potential contamination from historical use at the subject property and current and historical uses of the surrounding properties.

Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

TBT Engineering was retained by SkyPower Limited to identify Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) measures recommended to ensure the immediate protection of fish and fish habitat associated with the development of a Solar Park on Fort William First Nation’s land adjacent to the Kamanistiquia River.

The goal of the ESC Plan was to minimize erosion potential in the construction zone, apply erosion control measures to minimize mobilization of sediment, and apply sediment control measures to minimize off-site sediment release in the event of sediment mobilization.

Proposed erosion and sediment control measures straw bale flow checks sediment fencing along the base of exposed slopes rock flow checks within the two creeks/man-made drainage ditches a rock-lined pool a splash pad of large rubble-sized rocks at the outlet of the creek to prevent on-going suspension of fines in the Kaministiquia River, as well as hydroseeding of exposed creek banks to quickly re-establish vegetation in areas vulnerable to erosion.

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