Kodiak Exploration Limited – Mine Closure Plan (Hercules Project)



Kodiak Exploration Limited was a publicly traded Vancouver-based resource exploration that later merged with Golden Goose Resources, and is now part of Prodigy Gold.  Prodigy Gold is involved in a number of exploration projects throughout Canada with diversified properties exposed to gold, base metals, and uranium.

TBT Engineering’s work centered around Prodigy Gold’s Hercules Project.  This project is a 6,375 hectare area located approximately 15 kilometres north of the Highway 801 junction with Highway 11, just west of Jellicoe, Ontario.

TBT Engineering’s Role

TBT Engineering assisted Prodigy Gold in applying for an Advanced Exploration Permit to further explore the Hercules Project Area.

As part of the permitting requirements, TBT Engineering developed a Mine Closure Plan that outlined how the exploration areas were to be rehabilitated and any associated environmental impacts minimized.

Project Methodology

TBTE completed Environmental Screenings of the Hercules Project Area, in preparation for a possible Bulk Sampling Program.  A summary of the surface water, sediment, benthos, fish habitat and community, wildlife habitat and community, terrestrial vegetation, and overburden trench data collected and managed by TBTE was highlighted.

An extensive sampling program to establish an environmental baseline for surface water, characterize the fish community of Elmhirst Lake and document rehabilitation of exploration trenches was also completed.


The Closure Plan was approved by the Ministry of Mines & Development, and Advanced Exploration activities commenced at the site shortly after the approval process was complete.

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