LDML Office Building



The LDML (Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation)Office Building is located on the corner of Little Lake Road and Anemki Drive on the FWFN (Fort William Fist Nation) Reserve.  TBT Engineering has been retained by A49 Architects to help design this new building.

TBT Engineering’s Role

Tasks included a geotechnical investigation, laboratory materials testing, field services, mechanical, electrical and structural design.

Geotechnical Investigation

Tasks included geophysical investigations, geotechnical sampling. Geotechnical engineering recommendations were then developed and included topics such as ultimate bearing pressures, depth to founding strata, anticipated constructability issues, soil backfill requirements, potential for reuse of excavated soils, and preload design parameters.

Geotechnical Drilling

All necessary drilling was completed using our in-house drilling department.  Hollow stem augers facilitated soil sampling and down hole testing.  Diamond core drilling was used to sample bedrock.

Materials Testing – Laboratory

An extensive laboratory testing program was undertaken and included testing for moisture content, grain size analyses, and plasticity.  Other tests such as compression or point load testing where used. 

Field Services

TBT Engineering performed hundreds of field compaction tests and also completed all concrete quality testing.  Subgrade inspections were completed to verify the suitability of materials for foundation bearing.

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