Slave Falls Tramway Conversion – Quality Control Testing



The Slave Falls Tramway Conversion Project involved the conversion of the existing 11 km private tramway line between Pointe du Bois and Slave Falls Generating Station  to a private, all-weather road. The road was required to enhance access and safety for operating and maintenance personnel and equipment to Slave Falls Station.

TBT Engineering’s Role

TBTE was retained by MMM Group, on behalf of the project owner (Manitoba Hydro) to provide Quality Control (QC) testing of 150 mm, 50 mm, and traffic gravel used during construction of the all-season roadway.  The construction materials where tested to ensure compliance with MIT specification limits.

Materials Testing Laboratory

A fully equipped mobile laboratory operated on site for over two years in order to expedited testing and reporting.  Some of the equipment located within the mobile laboratory included:

  •   22 Kg capacity electronic balance (0.1gram accuracy)
  •   Sample splitting equipment
  •   200 mm diameter brass sieve set
  •   8 inch diameter brass sieve set
  •   0.75 mm wash sieve
  •   0.80 mm wash sieve
  •   Sample heating and drying oven
  •   Gilson Sieve Shaker
  •   Riprap sieves or templates
  •   Flat and elongated caliper
  •   Nuclear density gauge (when required)

Quality Control Procedures

During crushing and stockpiling, representative samples where taken and tested to monitor the gradation of the materials produced.

A laboratory trailer with sieve analysis testing equipment was established at the location of the quarry. Sampling and testing of the aggregates was conducted on a continuous basis during production.

Representative samples where shipped to our Winnipeg laboratory for acceptance testing such as Los Angeles abrasion, relative density, absorption, soundness and other testing as required in the project specifications.  Upon completion of the aggregate production, a summary of test results where prepared and submitted to the client.

Field density and moisture content tests of the compacted materials where also undertaken as part of this project.  The compaction testing was undertaken in accordance with ASTM D6938, In-Place Density, and Water Content of Soil by Nuclear Methods.

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