Vibert Road Wly 13.1 km to Kakabeka Falls – Resurfacing Project (MTO)



In 2009, TBT Engineering was retained by the Ministry of Transportation (NWR) to complete total project management (TPM) for detail design, geotechnical investigations, environmental services, minor electrical engineering and contract preparation for a resurfacing project on Highway 11/17 from Vibert Road Wly 13.1 km to Kakabeka Falls.

Department Focus – Highway Engineering

TBT Engineering’s highway design team began by prepared detailed quantity estimates for tender, materials and sundry construction. A breakdown of the estimates by improvement and fiscal expenditure was also provided. In major grading areas and areas of excavation greater than 0.5 m, quantities where calculated using original ground cross sections. All surplus stripping, grubbing, earth and rock material was reused within the highway right-of-way. TBT Engineering provided a hard copy plot of all plans and cross sections required for the construction of the Project to the client. Contract documents were then prepared using the latest version of the MTO’s Contract Preparation System (CPS) and design cross-sections where completed using the latest version of the InRoads system. InRoads customization included the symbols and styles for all features in survey and design, superelevation tables, horizontal and vertical design curve checks as per MTO Geometric Design Manual, preference file (xin), and standard drawing with all layers and blocks as per MTO IESCAD standards. TBT Engineering recommended the number of Working Days for the completion of the construction work and scheduled utility relocations in advance of construction start in order to avoid conflicts which could result in the Ministry being considered a “Constructor” under the OHSA. TBT Engineering also incorporate design drawings and specifications prepared by others and reviewed all traffic control special provisions with the TPM Agreement Administrator. Submission of Construction Contract Package to Contract Section using current Ministry standards, policies and practices where then completed. This included the relocation of utilities and address property requirements. The proposed method of minimizing impacts and delays to the traffic traveling through the work site (i.e., any suggested uses of A+B bidding, lane rentals, etc.) was also addressed. TBT Engineering also provided construction cost estimates as well as a Constructability Report as specified in the Constructability Review Process Guide.

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