Whitesand First Nation – Geotechnical Investigation for Plant & Pellet Mill



The newly proposed co-generation plant and pellet mill is to be built and located near Armstrong Station, Ontario. The project requires the construction of several buildings and the first phase in undertaking this project calls for a geotechnical investigation to be completed.

TBT Engineering’s Role

TBT Engineering was retained by Whitesand First Nation to conduct a geotechnical investigation for a proposed co-generation plant and pellet mill located near Armstrong Station, Ontario.  Several buildings and material stackers were proposed.

Investigation (Methodology)

Field investigation for the project was carried out involving fifteen boreholes.  The test holes were advanced utilizing a drill rig quipped for geotechnical sampling.  During the drilling operations soil samples were obtained from the auger flights and using the techniques of the standard penetration test (SPT).  The ground surface elevation at the borehole locations were also surveyed by TBTE.

Classification and index tests were subsequently performed in the laboratory on samples collected from the test holes to aid in the selection of engineering properties.  Laboratory tests included natural moisture contents, gradation analyses, corrosivity, and bulk unit weight.  Permeability of native soils will be estimated based on the grain size analysis of the matrix soils.

Result Reporting

Following the fieldwork and laboratory testing, a final report was prepared which included a factual summary of the soil and groundwater conditions encountered, as well as geotechnical engineering recommendations for the design of the foundations.

The factual data included a borehole location plan, borehole logs and laboratory test results.

Geotechnical recommendations where prepared for: conventional shallow foundations, piles, floor slab on grade, lateral earth pressure coefficient, backfill requirements and depth of frost penetration and frost protection measures.

Geotechnical resistances and reactions were provided in terms of ultimate and serviceability limit states design.  In addition, general commentary on potential construction related issues, based on subsurface conditions encountered, such as shallow excavation stability and dewatering were prepared.

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