Xeneca Power (McGraw Falls Dam) – Topographic Surveys and Soil Sampling



Xeneca Power Development (Xeneca) is a leading Canadian-owned and operated water-power development company working throughout Northern Ontario and is committed to building small renewable electrical facilities to power Ontario’s long-term economic development in an environmentally responsible manner.

Xeneca is proposing to develop a 2 MW intermittent peaking hydroelectric plant on the Matawin River at the McGraw Falls Dam, 7km southwest of Shabaqua Corners. A rubber dam will be added to the existing weir and will work in coordination with the existing reservoir upstream. The powerhouse will be located approximately 150m downstream of the dam. A wood pole distribution line will run 3.5km north east along the existing roadway, and will connect to the existing distribution line which runs into the Shabaqua Distribution Station.

TBT Engineering’s Role

TBT Engineering was commissioned to complete a comprehensive topographic survey of the McGraw Falls Dam and surrounding area. TBT Engineering was also commissioned to complete a test-hole layout survey required for a geotechnical investigation.

Laboratory Testing

TBT Engineering completed soil tests to investigate the native materials suitability for use as engineered fill or concrete aggregate. This investigation included the following tests:

• Natural Moisture Content
• Gradation Analysis (LS 602)
• Micro-Deval fine aggregate (LS 618)
• Micro-Deval coarse aggregate (LS 619)
• Absorption (LS 604)
• Freeze-Thaw (LS 614) or MGSO4 (LS 603)
• Petrographic Analysis (LS 616)
• Plasticity (LS 704)
• Accelerate Mortar Bar (specific for concrete aggregate)

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