Young Davidson Mine (Kirkland Lake) – Mobile Quality Control Testing Lab



The Young-Davidson gold mine is located near the town of Matachewan, approximately 60 km west of Kirkland Lake in northern Ontario. Over a 15-year mine-life (beginning in 2012), the mine is expected to generate average annual production of 180,000 ounces of gold.

TBT Engineering’s Role

TBT Engineering was retained by MLA to provide Quality Control (QC) testing of aggregates intended for use during construction of the earthworks on the project. Aggregate materials including Granular A, Granular B, Clear Stone, Concrete Aggregates, Sand and Rip Rap were tested to ensure compliance with current OPSS specifications.

Mobile Laboratory

A fully equipped mobile laboratory was put into operation to expedited testing and reporting. Some of the equipment located within the mobile laboratory included:

  • 16 Kg capacity electronic balance (0.1gram accuracy)
  • Sample splitting equipment
  • 200 mm diameter brass sieve set
  • 8 inch diameter brass sieve set
  • 0.75 mm wash sieve
  • Sample heating and drying oven
  • Gilson Sieve Shaker
  • Riprap sieves or templates
  • Flat and elongated calliper
  • Nuclear density gauge (when required)

Quality Control Procedures

TBT Engineering undertook onsite QC testing of construction soils and aggregates in accordance with relevant project specifications and ASTM procedures at required frequencies for determining product quality and acceptance during production and placement operations.

Innovative Technology & Solutions

For this project, TBT Engineering utilized fragmentation analysis technology called “WipFrag”. This software allowed image samples to be acquired directly from digital camera and helped TBT Engineering conduct grain size photoanalysis of blast rock fragmentation. This cutting edge technology, combined with the analysis it provided, has helped ensure the client has the proper information needed to properly determine blast models, formulas and expected results. The maximizing of blast fragmentation will help the client cut energy costs, improving efficiency and minimizing equipment maintenance costs.


TBT Engineering is CSA, CCIL and CNSC certified for construction material testing.

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