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Professional Services


TBTE’s Environmental Services Division offers the services of specialists in water sampling and environmental site assessment, monitoring and remediation, environmental assessments, permitting and biological sampling. We have a comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations and an excellent relationship with regulatory agencies.

TBTE’s Contaminants Group has a detailed and broad understanding of environmental regulations, and an excellent relationship with local agencies and governments. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in the identification of environmental hazards. We assess potential risks for our client, whether environmental or financial, in the development of their project. Our complete environmental engineering services include the planning, design, construction, and operation as it pertains to waste management, fuel spills, environmental site assessments and more.


Below is a listing of the services we provide:

Biological Services

  • Fisheries and Terrestrial Assessments
  • Baseline Studies (Mining, Road Building)
  • Species at Risk (SAR) and rare plant surveys
  • Avian surveys and nest searches
  • Environmental Permitting and Planning
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans & Monitoring
  • Natural Environment Level 1 and 2 (NEL) Assessments
  • Surface water assessments
  • Fish rescue services including electrofishing
  • Fisheries Contract Specialist Services (MTO RAQS)

Fuel Investigations

  • Site assessment
  • Short and long-term sampling plans
  • Spill delineation
  • Containment and management plans
  • Liaison with private property owners and enforcement agencies
  • Site remediation

Environmental Drilling

  • In-house drill equipment with hollow-stem augers
  • Environmental and geotechnical soil sampling
  • Reg 903 certified groundwater monitoring well installations and decommissioning
  • Well registration (as per O. Reg 903)

Waste Management

  • Landfill assessment and evaluation
  • Landfill Planning
  • Waste volume modelling
  • Site capacity determinations
  • MOE Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) and amendment services
  • ECA compliance monitoring, sampling, data interpretation and reporting, and Liaison with regulators
  • Financial Assurance Calculations

Hydrogeological Assessment

  • Soil and groundwater water sampling services
  • Topographical site surveying
  • ACAD drafting services
  • Surface and groundwater depth, quality and flow assessment
  • Water Taking Assessments and MOECC Permit to Take Water Applications

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA’s)

  • Phase I ESA’s
  • Phase II ESA’s
  • Site Remediation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Record of Site Condition

Building Services

  • Designated Substance Surveys (DSS’s)
  • Asbestos Management Plans
  • Radon Measurement (C-NRPP)
  • Hazardous Materials Surveys

Environmental Assessments (EA’s)

  • Federal EA’s
  • Provincial Class EA’s
  • Municipal Class EA’s
  • EA screenings under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act to identify and mitigate the anticipated environmental effects for our projects