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St. Joseph’s Palliative Care Campaign a Huge Success


The Campaign for St. Joseph’s Hospice Palliative Care, with the help of TBT Engineering Limited, not only reached but surpassed its goal of $500,000 and raised an astonishing $794,000 over 9 months! The vision for this project was to improve the physical environment at St. Joseph’s Hospice Palliative Care for clients, families and friends. St. Joseph’s Foundation spear-headed the campaign to raise funds to renovate patient rooms. The rooms needed to be modernized and made more comfortable to make it easier for the families of loved ones to be with those who were nearing the end of life’s journey.

TBT Engineering is proud to have been one of the first businesses in Thunder Bay to lend its support to this campaign. At the initiation launch of the drive in September of 2011, TBTE publicly committed to donating $25,000. What followed was an incredible few months that featured scores of local businesses following suit and contributing to the cause. The end result was simply astonishing.

“At one time or another, it’s likely that many of us may have to experience time at St. Joseph’s Palliative Care Unit”, indicated company CEO Liana Frenette. “The idea of making one’s physical exit from this world more comfortable and homey not only for that person, but also for that person’s family and friends, is something we feel is a wonderful idea….we are very proud to be associated with this cause.”

This success of this campaign will now allow St. Joseph’s Care Group to refurbish the entire Hospice Palliative Care Unit. This will include family rooms, the nursing station and all common areas.