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TBT Engineering and MNRF partner to restore Raleigh Creek Crossing

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This past summer, TBT Engineering (TBTE), and MNRF worked closely together to ensure various environmental considerations, including protections, were incorporated into the design and construction of a project to restore a natural stream at the Raleigh Creek Crossing.

Working closely with the assistance of a Fisheries Contract Specialist from TBT Engineering… MNRF Trained Students compiled site information, measured water quality and used backpack electrofishing, seine nets and minnow traps to gather information about fish habitat and local fish species, including Northern Pike, White Sucker, and Yellow Perch.

Congratulations to everyone that was involved in this worthwhile project; the day after construction on the natural stream was completed, fish were already back in the new channel and seemed to love their new home!!

TBT Engineering Is Proud To Announce $5,000 Sponsorship for the Northern Ontario First Nations Environmental Conference (NOFNEC)

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TBT Engineering is excited to announce our commitment to Sponsor the Northern Ontario First Nations Environmental Conference (NOFNEC) for $5,000.

We hope through this Rushing Waterfall Sponsorship, TBT can continue to develop and nurture its growing relationship with First Nations Environmental Professionals, as well as Government, and our Partners throughout Northern Ontario.

For more information about NOFNEC, please visit the link below:
Northern Ontario First Nations Conference

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